GoDaddy compra Media Temple GoDaddy compra Media Temple
GoDaddy compra Media Temple
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    Mexicali, Mexico
    GoDaddy compra Media Temple
    Esta es la nota de prensa sobre Godaddy que compra a Media Temple.

    I am proud to share some momentous news with you today. GoDaddy, the Internet’s largest platform for small businesses, has acquired (mt) Media Temple. We will continue operating as an independent and autonomous company and our mission will remain unchanged. However, new investments from GoDaddy will provide us the necessary resources to strengthen our focus on web professionals and will help accelerate our plans to expand internationally.

    At Media Temple, we’ve always been on a mission to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. When I co-founded the company in 1998, I saw an industry that wasn’t meeting the needs of web designers all that well. At one extreme, there was expensive and overly-complex dedicated hosting that required customers to over-build their solutions. At the other extreme, there was incredibly cheap “unlimited” hosting that was untrustworthy and lacked class and transparency. At neither end was there a company truly qualified to understand and partner with the creative community.

    “…new investments from GoDaddy will provide
    us the necessary resources to strengthen our
    focus on web professionals…”
    Thanks to incredible customers like you, our model worked out. We’ve doubled-down on designers and have created a new platform to help people push the outer limits of the web. Now with 225 employees, Media Temple serves 125,000 customers making up more than 1.5 million websites in over 100 countries. We are proud to be one of Los Angeles’ original startups, repeatedly recognized as one of the best places to work in the city — and one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

    Personally, working with GoDaddy on the acquisition this year has been unexpected, yet incredibly rewarding. Led by new CEO Blake Irving, the GoDaddy leadership team, which now includes Media Temple’s President, Russell P. Reeder, is transforming the company with fresh thinking, new advertising, and an inspiring new strategy. It really is impressive, and so is their new mission: “Help small businesses easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run their online ventures.”

    Though our customers have traditionally been very different, both companies have similar priorities of providing excellent service experiences. However, we also understand and respect the vast differences and needs of our respective customer bases. Hence, Media Temple will continue to run as an independent business and is not being integrated into GoDaddy. Our customers should not experience any changes to their service levels, pricing, or the expert support we are known for. We’re not moving our servers, and the phone number is not changing. We will remain in Los Angeles and will stay committed to being the most amazing hosting provider possible. In all seriousness, our mission to host great ideas feels like it’s just getting started!

    I am confident that Media Temple has made the right decision and I know the company is only going to get better from here. Please see our website FAQ to understand this news even further. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at

    Thank you so very much for your passion, your feedback, and your support over the years.

    Best regards,

    Demian Sellfors
    (mt) Media Temple Co-founder
    Aunque se menciona que la compañía seguirá siendo autónoma yo la verdad es que lo dudo un poco, al momento que lleguen las decisiones difíciles ahí es donde se ve realmente quien manda.

    ¿Qué les parece? Para mi gusto media temple siempre ha sido una buena compañía de hosting, el problema es que sus precios eran muy elevados para sus servidores, por eso los dejé hace ya algunos años.

    Fuente: (mt) Media Temple » Weblog » Blog Archive » Momentous news: GoDaddy & (mt) Media Temple

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    Santiago, Republica Dominicana
    La peor noticia que eh leído el día de hoy ya que soy cliente de Mediatemple y he tenido muy mala experiencia en goddady

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    Colombia - Medellin
    que mal... ahora el monopolio Goddady.. se extiende.!

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    quierohosting No registrado
    Yo tampoco me creo que siga siendo autónoma. Sabemos lo que pasa cuando los gigantes empiezan a dejarse billetes y billetes...

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    Qué feo caso...

    Media Temple es buena empresa, cara, pero buena y todos sabemos que GoDaddy es lo contrario a eso.

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    Amurskaya Oblast
    No se por que dicen que media temple es caro, hay empresas que tienen más calidad y la calidad se paga, aunque desde fuera se ven solo precios, lo que hay que ver es la infraestructura y el personal que lo que cuenta al final.

    En cuanto a godaddy, no me gusta mucha mucho su hosting ni sus servidores, pero hay algo claro media temple tendrá comerciales mas elaborados ahora godaddy style!

    Esperemos que no pierdan calidad, aunque a hostgator lo compraron unos grandes y miren lo que paso :/

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    Cita Iniciado por otrojavier Ver Mensaje
    Qué feo caso...

    Media Temple es buena empresa, cara, pero buena y todos sabemos que GoDaddy es lo contrario a eso.
    exacto, todo lo contrario xD jaja

  8. Media Temple era malo y el soporte peor, ahora con Goddady creo que es mas sano que huyan...

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    Si alguien todavía tiene alguna web en mediatemple, ahora es el momento para correr lo más rápido y lejos posible de esa empresa. Godaddy todo lo que toca funde.

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    Lima, Perú
    Media temple es algo caro en promedio al mercado, pero ahora que lo compro Godaddy lo mejor es irse a otro proveedor

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