The difference between vBulletin Suite and vBulletin.Forum? The difference between vBulletin Suite and vBulletin.Forum?

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    Will the 2017’s trend still maintains and dominate the gaming world?

    The year 2017 witnessed tons of fantastic gaming trends, such as a spotlight on LGBT, disabled communities, and Indie titles. All of the trends helps show us the diversity of modern gaming. The rise of unique titles in 2017 also raises the wonder for the trends in 2018. Will the 2017’s trend still maintains and dominate the gaming world?

    That may be a hard-solving question to all of us. However, if you are keen gamers, understanding the trends which are ruling the gaming world is crucial. As we have a few months left of 2018, we would like to highlight some of the most influential things that are dominating today’s gaming world. Without a doubt, let’s come to the best part. Discover all you need in the list below!

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    Movie Games

    Movie games have long been created to play on Xbox and PlayStation. However, in the previous years, almost every TV show or film would quickly become the essential element to the movie games. Of all the greatest games, you may miss Mean Girls or The Office. Yeah, that’s right.

    The difference between vBulletin Suite and vBulletin.Forum?-tzs8nqb.jpg
    Why should you like these movie games?

    These games did exist, but they are not highly appreciated in the past. Of course, they were purely released for promotion. Movie games have turned their platforms to mobile devices. And, not until Alien: Isolation and Friday the 13th were released did many move games succeed.

    As an important 2018 trend, movie games are still a mixture of promotional and fantastic gaming experiences. A game genre promising a nice mix of film and game will surely give gamers a worthwhile experience. The online gaming world is also welcoming the best experiences of new creations with the same feeling as that of AVATAR and Spiderman. Discover lots of entertainment right now.

    Advanced Open-World Games

    Open-world games are one of the most amazing game types with the best gaming experiences for users. 2018 welcomes the diverse quests, stunning scenes, and immense online interactions. With the best features, players will receive a sense of comfort and freedom. However, in 2018, it seems like there has been a little bit of an increase in the quality of open-world games.

    Games like No Man’s Sky are prime examples for the open-world games with outstanding aesthetics and good content. Game developers, therefore, stepped up their development of open-world games in 2018. This genre finally stands out from the variety. And, they also push modern technology’s limit.

    The difference between vBulletin Suite and vBulletin.Forum?-eey1wtl.jpg
    Would you like to enter the whole new world?

    2018 will welcome upcoming games which push the gaming boundaries away. For instance, the developers Asylum Entertainment release MMO games to replace others game genres in real life. Within these innovative games, players are possible to interact with almost everything they need.

    Game developers also choose all of their favorite routes to create inspiring games in virtual lives from businessman to crime lord. Also, gamers also find themselves sinking in these games with hyper-realistic graphics. That’s what keeps the focus on these games.

    Games Are Less Offensive & More Inclusive
    Media always catches up with the trend. Video games are welcoming more inclusivity of women becoming the favorite female leaders in games. A specific instance is in Tomb Raider and Horizon: Zero Dawn.
    This difference has quickly been highly recognized in games along with more emotions added. Some of the games are also developed with the key element being mental illness. Understanding this gaming trend, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was released this year which focuses more on human-like features.

    Moreover, games are also made less offensive. This trend may lead to disappointment in action, shooting, beat-’em-ups, and many more. However, we believe that these changes will be what makes the gaming world become better than ever, especially for children who fancy playing tons of games. As a result, in the year 2018, gamers can expect better changes and innovation to the gaming society.

    New Indie releases have boosted gaming to whole new levels. They are more attractive to the gaming society thanks to the easier access to PC. These creations go their own way, in a way which no AAA games can. Of course, they take risks, but they still bring the best artistic freedoms with ambiguous narratives and over-expected characters.

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    The difference between vBulletin Suite and vBulletin.Forum?-dqysarm.jpg
    Find your best Indie-style games here!

    Even the big game developers such as Microsoft and Sony noticed the hidden potential of incredible indie gaming. Therefore, they have brought Indies to the mainstream gaming. As expected, a wide variety of popular Indies have proved their outstanding features to gamers both casual and hardcore ones.

    Cuphead by Studio MDHR is an excellent candidate for finding love in many different audiences. With the successful 2D animated Indie game, this title opened the door for Indies to enter the broader line of gaming in 2018. Wait for it!

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    VR has long been one of the hottest topics on gamers’ mind with good compliments. Since this genre’s first invention in the early 1990s, it has ruled the gaming world. In VR, players are enabled to leave the tiredness of real life and escape to another more perfect world with unbelievable possibilities.

    The technology at that time actually wasn’t in line with our promises. However, thanks to the late revival with modern technology, it finally stands out from the majority. Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR made these games much more impressive. The game developers are trying to offer players the best gameplay ever.

    2017 and 2018 also have a lot of outstanding titles such as Resident Evil: Biohazard VR and Skyrim VR amongst others. These games have taken games to completely new territory. In the rest time of 2018, we can expect and hope for more VR with a better level of quality and content.

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    Well, I googled around (because I don't really use vBulletin as backend) and found that vBulletin suite was like a version of vBulletin 4 with blog and tools, that started to sell in a bundle, instead of separate products back in 2009.
    On 2018 context, there is a "Mobile Suite" but I think that's actually very clear, support for mobile devices.
    I think at some point it stopped being called "vBulletin suite" after v5 of the software.

    Anyway, it's just my opinion, I haven't being using vB all this time to have some background to give a better explanation
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